At Personal Injury Loans, we are dedicated to providing settlement loans or personal injury loan services to individuals all across northern Alberta. Through our quick response system, our specialists are able to offer much needed funds to our applicants in less time without any hassle. Our professionals make sure that our rates are affordable. We offer financial solutions to people, who have exhausted their resources while waiting for the settlement of their personal injury lawsuit.

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How It Works For You

By providing you with a personal injury loan now, our professionals can get you the money that you need while you wait for your settlement. Let our experts handle your financial issues while your lawyer works to get you the settlement you deserve.

How Do You Receive your Loan

  • First, fill the form and submit it or call us.
  • Our funding specialists will contact you and discuss your case.
  • We will contact your lawyer for more information about your case.
  • our specialists evaluate your case and provide you with financing options.

Why Personal Injury Loans

At Personal Injury Loan in Fort McMurray, we understand the struggle and stress that you may be experiencing during the litigation and settlement process. We know it can take several months before you receive a fair settlement offer. With our process, getting financing for your mounting bills is quick and easy. Our experts work tirelessly for you to provide affordable solution to your financial issues.

Personal Injury Loan Services

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