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At Personal Injury Loans, we provide financing solutions to those who are unable to work and earn their living due to injury or accident. We understand when you are injured, you are focussed on recovery and concerned about the medical bills and other expenses. Our financing solutions for Alberta will help you pay your medical bills and obtain the best possible treatment to get well soon. With us, you can rest easy and focus on your health while we provide financing solutions to your medical bills and other expenses.

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Practice Areas

Dog Bites

If you’ve been bitten by a dog and wish to claim damages, we can help you file the appropriate claim. Talk to our personal injury lawyers today.

Brain Injury

Brain injuries can be catastrophic and even fatal. Why suffer when you can claim your rightful compensation via our personal injury lawyers.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Its the legal responsibility of owner to maintain the property. If you have hurt yourself on someone else’s property, its time to file a rightful claim

Automobile Accidents

Have you being involved in a car accident? Don’t let this traumatic injury hamper your ability to enjoy life. Talk to us today for claiming compensation.

Why Choose Us?

Pre Settlement Loans

We are not here to break the bank that’s why we keep our service charges low and easy to understand so everyone can make the best of our solutions.


Lawsuit Settlement Loans

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who will guide you through the entire process, making it stress-free and simple.


Personal Injury Loan Services

No credit check, no collateral, no monthly payments, no hidden charges. We are clear and upfront about our terms and conditions.

No Hidden Charges

Affordable Services

In case you lose in litigation, then you don’t have to repay your loan. You are liable to pay only when you win the case.

No Win No Fees


Treatment Financing

When you are injured the first thing you require is quality medical care. At Personal Injury Loans, our professionals will provide you with financing solutions for your treatment. Whether you need to go to a physician, orthopedic surgeon, surgical centre, neurosurgeon or require any other medical facility, we make sure you get financing as soon as possible and money never becomes a barrier between you and quality treatment. Make sure you and your lawyer are ready with all the relevant documents and we will make the payment the same day.

Leading Personal Injury Loan Service in Alberta

Personal Injury Loans is Alberta’s leading injury loan provider helping the injured for the past many years. Our financing solutions will help you to cover your expenses while you wait to receive your settlement. Our professionals strive to provide the lowest lawsuit interest rates in Alberta. Trust us, we will help you through this difficult time.

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